New Greatcoat 3D Prints Arrive!!

Ok guys, as promised, here's some pictures of the 3D print I received a few days ago.  I've taken the liberty of standing it next to some other fairly common figures for the sake of comparison.  I think some of the shortcomings are more obvious than others but feel free to offer up whatever feedback you may have. 

First up is a shot of the individual pieces...

Next up is a group shot of various figures for comparison...

Finally we have a tighter shot of some standard troopers...

Thanks for checking this out and offering up your ideas and suggestions.  A happy and safe new years to all!



Mad Robot Gets Best New Line!

I am very happy to announce that Mad Robot Miniatures was voted "Best New Miniatures Line of 2011" by Diehard GameFAN.  It serves to remind us of our commitment to give you guys the best possible figures we can.  Check out the awards here:

Our award is about half way down the page.



28mm Greatcoat Update

Figured it was time to get some proper feedback from you guys.

What we have below are some new renders of our Greatcoat Troops.  As usual, please consider these WIP.  They are off to the printers and I hope to have something in hand just before Christmas.

Feel free to leave constructive feedback and suggestions.


The Harook Are Back!!

Just got a restock on the Harook Infantry.  Get 'em while they're hot!



Thanks To All!

My thanks to everyone who has supported Mad Robot.  The Harook launch was a huge success and another batch are on their way from the caster.

I've also heard from Pedro Navaro and he's beginning work on some more Harook goodness this week.  Look for some additional releases sometime in January.



The Harook Are Loose!!!

We're happy to announce the official release of our second 15mm line...The Harook!

Very little is understood about the Harook; they are unpredictable and have an unknown agenda. Although they have an affinity to other avian species of alien life, it would appear that they have disdain for all others, especially humanity. Their speech patterns, consisting of a complex series of squawks and screeches, do not seem to live up to the advanced technology they bear on the battlefield. This leads some to believe that an advanced, as of yet unknown, intelligence directs them.

These avian aliens come with 10 unique poses to a pack and stand slightly taller than the average human.

The models were sculpted by Pedro Navaro and painted by Spacejacker.

Check 'em out HERE.

Here's a pant-load of pictures for you friends of the blog...

Thanks a bunch for the support all of you have given so far!


Eli Arndt Interview

Our own Eli Arndt was interviewed by "Orcs In The Webbe".  Eli shares his thoughts on sculpting, he's actually pretty good at it.  Check it out...


Greatcoat Trooper WIP

As we continue to move forward on the Greatcoat Troops, I will be sharing some sneak peeks of how things are going.  As always, if you have any suggestions or feedback, please let us know.

Here is a little teaser...



40K Bits by Victoria

I'm not too inclined to give free adverts for other folks who make minis but sometimes I have to make an exception.  Victoria Lamb made some waves a few months back with some 40K IG upgrade bits, Highland Guardsmen and Penal Guardsmen to be exact.  Now she has some new Praetorian-style releases and they are superb looking.

To see more of her awesome stuff check out her WEB STORE.


3D Prints: The Good and the Bad

I've found what I believe to be the best 3D printing service out there for small scale models.  The company is called Lightbeam3D and their work is undeniably the most detailed and finished I have ever seen.

Here's the latest test print of Major Hammerfaust:

You can't see all the details but no worries, it's the wrong height so I have to re-print it.  This is a very detail oriented process but I promise all of you, it will be worth the time it's taking to get it right.

The other cool thing I discovered is...

I can start planning prints for our 15mm lines...



Seeking Opinions - Give Us Your Input!

Look at this picture and please give your opinion about the figure in the middle.

Polling is closed.  Our thanks to all those who participated!
If you like, you can still leave comments below.


The Mad Robot Speaks!

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Chuck Platt over at Diehard Gamefan.  If you have chance, stop by and check it out and while you're there, take a look at the rest of the site.  Lots of cool stuff going on over there.


TMC Jump Troops Are Here

Just listed the TMC Jump Troops for sale in the store.  Get 'em, while they're hot!



Harook Preview

Mad Robot Miniatures is thrilled to give you a sneak peak of our next 15mm release, the Harook. Here is a little backstory...

“Very little is understood about the Harook; they are unpredictable and have an unknown agenda. Although they have an affinity to other avian species of life, it would appear that they have disdain for all others, especially humanity. Their speech patterns, consisting of a complex series of squawks and screeches, do not live up to the advanced technology they bear on the battlefield. This leads some to believe that an advanced, as of yet unknown, intelligence directs them.”
There are 10 dynamic poses that have been painstakingly sculpted by Pedro Navaro. 
More to come on these in the near future.



Harook Inbound!

I just received pictures of the finished Harook sculpts from Pedro Navaro today.  Look for more pictures tomorrow, here is one to wet the whistle...

'Till tomorrow then...



Quick Update

Just a quick update today.  The store is now close to where I want it.  We'll start letting people set up accounts in the next few days so keep checking.  I'm trying to get everything built up as much as possible so we can plug new product in the instant it arrives.  If you see something you think needs to be addressed, please send me an email so I can fix it.

HUGE thank you to everyone who is stopping by lately.  We'll have some cool things for you in a number of weeks.  I expect it will turn out to be a pretty good Christmas this year...



New 15mm Line Announcement

Mad Robot miniatures is happy to announce our latest 15mm offering...TMC Jump Troops.

Tachyon Mercenary Corps

Based on the planet Tachyon-12 in the Selous system, the TMC wages war for the highest bidder. By investing their huge war-time profits into the latest technology, they storm the battlefield with a precision that has earned them their reputation as one of the galaxy's elite fighting units. TMC Recruiting Officers are free to choose their units from the thousands of worlds surrounding the Selous system, giving them the ultimate in flexibility, based upon their combat mission.

Jump Troops are used by aggressive TMC commanders as a fast-attack element. Their ability to move quickly and hit hard makes them a feared weapon in the TMC arsenal. The scream of their jump jets is the last thing their adversaries hear as they descend from the skies, delivering white-hot death.

These figures are currently in production and we will have another announcement about the release date and pricing in the next few weeks.


New Robots

I'm happy to announce the addition of a new robot to the creative team here at MRM.  Eli Arndt is a 30 year veteran of the gaming world and an avid writer and artist.  We feel fortunate to have a creative dynamo like Eli on our team and it certainly indicates that more good things are inbound soon.



30mm Greatcoats Special Character

With the greatcoats coming to completion, I thought I'd take a moment to reveal a related project.  This is a special character for the Greatcoats, his name is Major Hammerfaust...

The idea behind these special characters is simple, release something with some personality.  I also hope these will serve as a way for us to reach out to the painters in the world and give them something cool to work with.

The Major will be cast in resin.



Harook Update

Just received pics for the first Harook sculpt.  I worked very closely with Pedro to make sure we got the best result and he has delivered a great figure.  Now that the first pose is completed, Mr. Navaro can move forward at a faster pace on the rest.  I won't go so far as to put a date on it yet but I am hoping it will be soon.



Sculptors Wanted

In an effort to keep up with some of the projects we are planning, we're putting out a call to all sculptors who are looking for some freelance work.  There are 2 major areas of subject matter, 30mm Sci-Fi and 15mm Sci-Fi.

If you're interested, please send us an email with your contact information and your experience as well as a link to a viewable portfolio.  We would like to hear from as many people as possible so we can have a working list to pull from as projects progress.



Progress Report 8/10/11

Quick shout out to Dropship Horizon for the honor of appearing on their blog.  I am discovering the passion of  the 15mm community and it really gets the creative juices flowing.  There are lots of good discussion to be had over on the TMP Sci Fi 15mm board.

I just finished with the newsletter signup page.  It's up on the link bar, in case you didn't already see it.  Between that, facebook, and the blog, you should now have access to our updates, 24/7. 

Things are moving along quite nicely.  30mm Greatcoats news is coming any day now and the 15mm Harook are picking up steam as the sculpting continues.  If you have an idea on how to make these lines better or any ideas about what should come next, send us an email and voice your opinion.  Opinions are important and they can certainly sway the direction of a line one way or the other so tell us what you think.



New 15mm Line of Sci Fi Minis

Mad Robot Miniatures is happy to announce it's first line of 15mm miniatures...The Harook.  Designed around a bird-like alien race, our first offering in this line will be a 10 figure squad that includes 10 unique poses, including a leader.  We have plans to follow up rather quickly with command, heavy weapons, some assault variations, and a dropship.

The master sculpts are being done by "Mr. Bug Man" himself...Pedro Navaro.  We look forward to this exciting foray into 15mm and we are grateful to all who shared their opinions with us while we came to a decision about what direction to take.


Here's a working concept...


GC Update, 15mm Stuff & Forum Changes

So I removed the stuff from the forum that just isn't necessary at this point.  From now on we will be focusing on the minis and just the minis.  Also, all of our concept areas are now available to be viewed by guests.  You still have to register to post comments, which I strongly encourage you to do :)

I heard from Chris at Ravenstar Studios and detailing has begun on our 30mm greatcoats.  I am still confident that I'll have some pre-order info in a few weeks.  Stay tuned...

I also decided this week to start concepts for a few 15mm releases.  Check out more about that in the new 15mm section of the forum.  I'll be looking into a sculptor and possibly doing these in metal, which means finding a casting service to handle that.

Hopefully by now people who check this blog out know how much I value feedback from end users.  I got some great responses from people over the weekend and Mad Robot will be starting work on a new alien race line for 15mm.  If the demand is there, maybe for 28mm as well.  I won't reveal much more at this point, other than to say "keep your beak to the grindstone..."



Greatcoats Progress Report 7/16

The sculpts for our first offering are coming along nicely, we look to have them completed by the end of July.  I'll be getting pre-order information posted in the next few weeks.  I can also give some specific details about what is immediately coming after the Greatcoats figures:

     Packs & Accessories
     Alternate Heads (no gas masks)
     Assault Weapons (grenade launcher, flame thrower, plasma rifle, melty rifle)

These should come together quickly as they are smaller in scope than the main sculpts.

After that, we'll start addressing a Heavy Weapons Section for the Greatcoats.

By the way, does anyone have an idea for a home world or unit designation for these guys?  I'm a little tired of "Greatcoats".  Suggestions are welcomed.  If you want to get further involved in the look of our future products, head over to the forum, register, and get involved.  I'd love to hear what you have to say.



Opinion Poll

We'd like some input on what should come next for the Greatcoats.

To give some in-depth feedback, head to our forum.

What Should Come Next for Greatocats?


What's Next?

Just put up some new topics in the forum to discuss what's coming next from Mad Robot Miniatures.  If you want to have some input or suggest an idea, go to the forum and be sure register.  When you register, you get access to the Concept Room, which is where prospective new ideas are revealed and discussed.



Greatcoat Sculpts Are Go

Finalized plans with sculptor this morning.  Things are under way...at last!

Check out the forum for the intimate details.



Forum Is Live

Come on over and check it out in all it's neon glory!  Still working on the details but it's ready to accept some peeps.  CHECK IT OUT

Final Greatcoats Design (?)


Any thoughts?




We'll be doing some re-arranging here at Mad Robot's web home. Switching to a format with some more features will give us some continuity between the blog and other things, like a store and a forum.

Did I just say forum...?


Greatcoats Poll: Pieces

I've received lots of feedback about how people like their mini "cut up".  They seem to fall into 3 groups:

  • Group A: They want a single figure...no parts, except for a separate weapon.  Good options for dynamic poses but you take what you get when you buy them, no possibility to adjust these at all.  They are quick to go from the box to the table however.
  • Group B: They like a whole body/frame but want the arms and heads separate.  That gives them some flexibility in the final look of their mini.
  • Group C: Prefer separate torsos, legs, arms, heads.  They don't have a lot of variety in the poses, but they like the ability to piece together their minis as they see fit.

The Public Has Spoken

After a weekend of feedback and polling, it was decided , overwhelmingly, that the accessories shall be sold separately from the figure.

Thanks for your input!



Greatcoats Poll

Here's another chance to make your opinion count.  Instead of making accessories available in a separate pack, I may just model them on to the figures.  Like this...

So should that stuff stay on there or be available separately?



Greatcoats Pose Update

Ok, so here's a shot of the poses as they stand right now.  Note I have an updated sgt. pose and I threw in 3 "leftys".  Why don't more companies make left handed models?  Anyways...

Comments are welcomed, feel free to give specific feedback about what you think is good...or not.



More Greatcoat Sgt Poses

Da Masta Cheef has asked for a better Sgt. pose...how are these?  What about hats?

Also, here's a snap of the six poses I have so far.  These will be combined, with a few doubles and a Sgt., to comprise a squad of 10.  Anything stand out as better or worse?  Keep a few things in mind...I put pistols in the hands so you can see the pose better, also I haven't finalized all the "coat work" until I know I have some poses I will definitely keep.

So, here you go...your chance to make your voice count...comments welcome.



GC Update

Here's a rough pose for a Sgt figure.  I'll beef up the sword...any thoughts on the pose?


New view of Greatcoat Trooper WIP

Here's a render of a Greatcoat Trooper.  Eventually these renders should lead to something real.  That's the plan anyway.  It really takes time to get quotes and info from people so while I wait...I'll create.

I've been  working on the bottom part tonight.  Tomorrow I'll fine tune the sleeves & upper body.  Got some armor bits to add, as well.  Stay tuned for more pics.

Comments are always welcomed.



New Possible Look For Greatcoats

Not much else to say here.  This is where I'm headed, not sure if it will end up working or not.

Any thoughts?



New Direction?

I'm investigating the possibility of doing some things in hard plastic, instead of resin or metal.  The cost is WAY more up front but much cheaper per sprue.  It also allows for the maximum in detail when building from a 3D model. 

Tell me what you guys think.  Would you be up to doing pre-orders?  Or maybe some "commitments" to purchase, the way I've seen Wargames Factory to things?  What do you think?



Greatcoats Update

Well, reality sometimes deals us a hand we don't expect but that doesn't mean you fold right away.  After doing some serious reviews of the 3D prints, I have have determined that they are not suitable for casting.  So that means I start over again and approach this from another angle.  Currently, I am exploring some new production options and that is going to take some time.  Hopefully the few of you who have been following us will continue to monitor our progress.  In the meantime I will continue to post some shots of works in progress to keep you in the loop.  As usual, if you have ideas or suggestions, feel free to give them.



Opinion Needed

Here are 2 heads with berets.

Which beret do you prefer?  With or without the patch?  Should the patch be larger?

Input wanted.