Greatcoat Sculpts Are Go

Finalized plans with sculptor this morning.  Things are under way...at last!

Check out the forum for the intimate details.



Forum Is Live

Come on over and check it out in all it's neon glory!  Still working on the details but it's ready to accept some peeps.  CHECK IT OUT

Final Greatcoats Design (?)


Any thoughts?




We'll be doing some re-arranging here at Mad Robot's web home. Switching to a format with some more features will give us some continuity between the blog and other things, like a store and a forum.

Did I just say forum...?


Greatcoats Poll: Pieces

I've received lots of feedback about how people like their mini "cut up".  They seem to fall into 3 groups:

  • Group A: They want a single figure...no parts, except for a separate weapon.  Good options for dynamic poses but you take what you get when you buy them, no possibility to adjust these at all.  They are quick to go from the box to the table however.
  • Group B: They like a whole body/frame but want the arms and heads separate.  That gives them some flexibility in the final look of their mini.
  • Group C: Prefer separate torsos, legs, arms, heads.  They don't have a lot of variety in the poses, but they like the ability to piece together their minis as they see fit.

The Public Has Spoken

After a weekend of feedback and polling, it was decided , overwhelmingly, that the accessories shall be sold separately from the figure.

Thanks for your input!



Greatcoats Poll

Here's another chance to make your opinion count.  Instead of making accessories available in a separate pack, I may just model them on to the figures.  Like this...

So should that stuff stay on there or be available separately?



Greatcoats Pose Update

Ok, so here's a shot of the poses as they stand right now.  Note I have an updated sgt. pose and I threw in 3 "leftys".  Why don't more companies make left handed models?  Anyways...

Comments are welcomed, feel free to give specific feedback about what you think is good...or not.



More Greatcoat Sgt Poses

Da Masta Cheef has asked for a better Sgt. pose...how are these?  What about hats?

Also, here's a snap of the six poses I have so far.  These will be combined, with a few doubles and a Sgt., to comprise a squad of 10.  Anything stand out as better or worse?  Keep a few things in mind...I put pistols in the hands so you can see the pose better, also I haven't finalized all the "coat work" until I know I have some poses I will definitely keep.

So, here you go...your chance to make your voice count...comments welcome.



GC Update

Here's a rough pose for a Sgt figure.  I'll beef up the sword...any thoughts on the pose?


New view of Greatcoat Trooper WIP

Here's a render of a Greatcoat Trooper.  Eventually these renders should lead to something real.  That's the plan anyway.  It really takes time to get quotes and info from people so while I wait...I'll create.

I've been  working on the bottom part tonight.  Tomorrow I'll fine tune the sleeves & upper body.  Got some armor bits to add, as well.  Stay tuned for more pics.

Comments are always welcomed.