28mm Greatcoats Progress

Received the first of what should be the final 3D prints on the Greatcoats today!  There are adjustments to be made on the weapons to make them a little beefier but the final masters should be in hand in another week or 2 and then it's off to the casters!



TMC Auslanders

So, last time I shared a little preview of a new project that has been bubbling in the old noggin.  It takes a note from the comic Alien Legion but goes in a little bit darker direction.  The word Auslander is Germanic in origin and roughly translates into "out lander" or "alien".

The Tachyon Mercenary Corps sees the diverse mix of alien races in the galaxy as a fertile breeding ground for specialist troops.  Ever determined to gain any tactical edge possible, the TMC employ Auslander units as exotic use troops, capable of being deployed in almost any situation.  The bonus for the TMC is that Auslanders are equally at home on the front line of a standard conflict.

Rumor has it that some commanders believe the Auslander unit should be the building block for a stand alone force.  To this day it is still speculation, but it may speak to why the TMC only deploys limited numbers of these units in any given theatre.

This new range idea will provide me some fun in developing new alien races, something I am very keen to do.  These will be released in 15mm, release date is TBD.  It will be a while until I get these where I want them.

I'm posting these here so I can get feedback from people.  If you have ideas or suggestions about any of these concepts I post, please email them to me or leave a comment here on this blog.  The following are 2 concepts I have so far...they are still WIP.



Top Secret Data File Decoded!

From "Tactical Methods, vol. 4" of the (designation classified) Martial Strategies...

"The very nature of the (designation classified) allows it to draw upon an almost infinite number of possible races to fill its ranks.  One of the more exotic approaches the (designation classified) currently fields is known as the Auslander Unit.  The commanders of these units are given free reign to choose the mix of races that will best allow him to accomplish the mission at hand.  Some have questioned the logic of such an idea, given the infighting that may result, but the (designation classified) sticks by this method as a way of combining specialists into a manageable, tactical unit."

An artists rendering of an Auslander trooper:


Mad Robot Announces Customer Gallery

Hey folks!  I'm putting together a gallery to show off all the awesome paint jobs that people are applying to Mad Robot figures.  If you have some you'd like to share please send them to projects@madrobotminiatures.com.

A few guidelines:
  • PLEASE...pictures of Mad Robot figures...nothing else
  • Include your first and last name or an appropriate "handle"
  • Send no more than 6 pictures, make them clear as possible
  • Keep the file size to under 500K for now
As soon as I start receiving some pictures, I'll get the gallery posted for the world to see.

IMPORTANT:  If no name is included, I will not post them.



February Update

28mm News

Just a quick note to update the progress of our 28mm Greatcoats. The final test print is off to the printers and I hope to have it in hand by the end of this week. I'll post pictures as soon as I have them. Assuming that everything looks good, we'll print up the remaining pieces and they'll be off to the casters no later than the 22nd of February. It's speculation from there but I would hope to have our first batch of figures ready to sell by mid-March. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes well.

15mm News

  • As work continues on the 2nd wave of Harook minis, designs for a dropship are now in the works as well.
  • The design phase has begun for some heavier additions to the TMC, more on that to come.
  • I've been considering a new alien race to add some more spice to the 15mm Sci-Fi world.

That's it for now.  Thanks for sticking with us, we have a lot more to share with you guys..please stay tuned.