The Armory Is Open...New Weapons Realeased

OK folks...the armory is OPEN!  Six, count 'em, SIX new weapon options have been released today to equip your troops.

All are available in our WEBSTORE.



NEW RELEASE: Fatigue Arms

Mad Robot Miniatures is very happy to announce the release of our first set of arms, compatible with any of our heroic 28mm parts, as well as other 3rd party models.  These will be the first of many arm sets that are slated for this year.

They can be purchased in our WEBSTORE.





Very pleased to announce our first small vehicle, the Azog Treadbike...

Available now in our webstore.



APO Discount

Happy to announce that we now offer 15% on all APO orders!



March Update

The release of our new torsos and heads may be delayed until next week.  3D prints have arrived very late (as in tomorrow) and I won't sacrifice the quality of what I do to rush something.  Sorry, but it's only another week.



2/23 New Head Releases!!

Happy to announce the release of our 2 latest head sets...

They are available for purchase HERE.



2 New Head Sets for Februrary

Sneak peak of 2 new head sets, should be up for sale by the end of the month.



New Releases for February

We've released a new set of heads, heroic scaled for 28mm table top miniatures.

They have also released their first set of 28mm weapons...the Pulse Rifles, suitable for bug hunting, ork hunting, etc.



New Heads Released!

Mad Robot Miniatures have released four new sets of heads for 28mm gaming; Boonie Hats, Classic Tankers, Heads with Aviator Sunglasses, and Colonial Defense Forces.
Heroically scaled, they are perfect for converting your favorite tabletop soldiers!




Facebook Me!

Apparently there's something called Facebook that let's you easily connect with lots of other people in real time...or something...