New Possible Look For Greatcoats

Not much else to say here.  This is where I'm headed, not sure if it will end up working or not.

Any thoughts?



New Direction?

I'm investigating the possibility of doing some things in hard plastic, instead of resin or metal.  The cost is WAY more up front but much cheaper per sprue.  It also allows for the maximum in detail when building from a 3D model. 

Tell me what you guys think.  Would you be up to doing pre-orders?  Or maybe some "commitments" to purchase, the way I've seen Wargames Factory to things?  What do you think?



Greatcoats Update

Well, reality sometimes deals us a hand we don't expect but that doesn't mean you fold right away.  After doing some serious reviews of the 3D prints, I have have determined that they are not suitable for casting.  So that means I start over again and approach this from another angle.  Currently, I am exploring some new production options and that is going to take some time.  Hopefully the few of you who have been following us will continue to monitor our progress.  In the meantime I will continue to post some shots of works in progress to keep you in the loop.  As usual, if you have ideas or suggestions, feel free to give them.



Opinion Needed

Here are 2 heads with berets.

Which beret do you prefer?  With or without the patch?  Should the patch be larger?

Input wanted.


Greatcoats Update 5/13

So I figured I would share what I can as I prep the 3D prints for molding & casting.

Below is a pic of how one of my sprues comes back from 3D printing:

It's an off white material that is hard to see any detail on. I applied a light coat of primer and this is the result:

Here's close up showing the build lines. Those lines are the actual layers of material, each as thin as 16 microns:

I'm waiting for my tiny tools to arrive in the mail and then I'll try sanding them. I might wait and make a cast in resin and sand that, as resin is easier to work with than the hard 3D print material.



Greatcoats Update

The master prints have arrived from the printer and they are being prepped for molding.  This is nervous for me as I am anxious to see how the 3D print works into the molding process.  The 3D print doesn't photograph well but I'll take some snaps once we get through molding.



One Step Closer...

Our Greatcoats master sculpts have been sent off to the printers and we should have them in hand by the end of the week.  I'll post some pics ASAP.  Molds will be hopefully done a week later and then we can start running some casts.  The usual caveats apply regarding time frames but we will be moving forward as fast as we can.