Greatcoats Pose Previews

So here we have a preview of some poses being worked on.  There are 3 "advancing" poses and 3 "firing" poses.  The plan at this point will be to offer 5 of each in a final set(tip of the hat to Blackhand).  There are still of some refinements to be done but feel free to give feedback.  The blurry parts are just low-renders to show the position of the pieces.  PLEASE, leave feedback and comments...they do matter.


Pose Prefererences

My question for everyone today is...What kind of poses do you want in your basic troopers?  Do you like the idea of a set of "advancing" and one for "Firing"?  Do you like things mixed up?  What about other dynamic poses?

I'm interested what people have to say about this.

Please comment below and make your opinion count!


No Rest For The Mad

While we wait for the second test print of the Greatcoat next week, we have been working on some smaller projects as well.  I will not tip my hand too much, but here's s sneaky peaky...

Until next time, keep your comments & input coming.



Waiting Sucks

I received the first test print from the printers and while things are looking good, they are not were they need to be yet.  A second round of refinements are beginning and I promise to keep people updated as things progress.



Introductions: Digital Sculptor

Today I'd like to tell you about Ean Moody, digital sculptor and artist.  Ean has been handling the arduous task of taking our concept art and turning it into a viable 3D product.  He has extensive experience in graphic design and illustration and has proven himself to be efficient and effective in the role of 3D sculptor for Mad Robot Miniatures.

To see some of his awesome work or to inquire about his services, check out his website.


Greatcoats Rough Design

Below is a sample for a test print we'll be doing.  This is still is the working stages but I felt it prudent to let you guys see it and maybe get some feedback.  So here's your chance...what do you think?


3D Sculpt Update

I just got another update on the 3D sculpt...it is looking very cool.  We'll be running a test print next week and if all is good, we'll have a master sculpt ready for casting maybe a week later.  At some point in that time frame, I'll try to post a sneak peak...I don't want to tip the hat too soon.

Stay tuned.



Introductions: Concept Artist

I figured it would be appropriate to introduce a few key people who are helping things come to life here at Mad Robot Miniatures. 

Today I would like to introduce you to our concept artist, Pierre-Marc Mazerolle.  Professionally known as PMaz, Pierre-Marc is an art teacher, graphic designer, and freelance artist.  He excels at taking my mad visions and turning them into a clear, well-laid out design.

Check out his website for more info and to inquire about his services as a freelance artist.


Current State Of Affairs

With concept art finished on the initial greatcoats complete, it seems we may have found our digital sculptor.  Work on the 3D model should begin shortly and from there it will be prototyped via 3D printing.  After that we'll begin the molding/casting process and we should finally have some something cool to look at.

We encourage people to spread the word and tell your fellow hobbyists about Mad Robot.  The more input we get from you guys, the better our products will hopefully be.

If you have any ideas/ suggestions for future projects, just leave a comment below.  We read them all.


Introductions: Me

My name is Steve Stodden, a.k.a. the "Mad Scientist", and I've been an avid gamer and hobbyist for about 7 years.  My favorite hobby & pastime is to turn on the Chicago White Sox(no haters, please) while I perform all kinds of complex surgeries on my "28mm Sci-Fi" army.  In the midst of my converting obsession, I came to realize that many "28mm Sci-Fi" hobbyists find themselves looking for certain arms, torsos, or heads that just aren't available.  That's were the idea for Mad Robot Miniatures has its origin.

My goal is to produce small upgrades and complete figures that will give gamers/hobbyists some options that they never had before.  As this venture grows, so will it's scope.  I want to offer up alternatives for players of all miniatures games.  The biggest thing a gamer or hobbyist can do to help in this process is make some suggestions.  What do you think would be a cool idea?  What line of figures would you like to see that isn't available?  I can't guarantee that every idea will be turned into a finalized product.  But every idea will be considered, at the very least

I'll even go one farther and make this promise to you.  If you make a suggestion for something new that we decide is worth pursuing, I'll give you a bunch of the final minis...FREE.  I'll fill in the details & restrictions once the ideas start to come in.  Again...no promises, but this is your chance to make your opinion count.

I look forward to hearing from you.