Final Greatcoat Artwork

Here we have the final draft of the greatcoats artwork.  I'll make a point to say that the accessories (knife, canteen, etc) are in the sketch to show context.  They will not be included as part of a sculpt.  A weapons/accessories sprue will be produced separately.

At this point we are still looking for either a 3D digital sculptor or someone who can produce this in GS.  If you are that person or if you know someone who would be interested please respond below or send us an email HERE


Greatcoats Updated Artwork

Here's an updated front and back.  Feedback is encouraged!


Greatcoats Early Concept

So here it is...please give all the feedback you want. 

No detail is too small to be commented on.


Poll 3: Upcoming Ideas

The first items we tackle will be centered around the legendary "greatcoats".  I assume most of you know what that is all about.

What do you want to see thrown into the queue next?

If you choose "Something Else", please be sure to leave a comment below.


Poll 2: Torsos & Legs

There are obvious advantages to having the torsos separate from the legs when assembling your minis.  However a one piece body allows for some very dynamic sculpts/poses.

Feel free to leave comments below.


Poll 1: Metal or Resin?

This is the first of many polls we will be looking for your input on.  The reasoning behind most of these will be obvious but feel free to leave comments below.

Let's Start The Discussion!

So as we start to figure out what the hobby/gaming community wants, the most important thing to us is the input from you, the end users.  By getting your feedback we can be assured that what we design will be what you want.  It's good business and good for all of you, as well.

Please, sign up and follow this blog and give all the detailed input you can.  We will be posting quite a few topics and questions for you to reply to.  Be sure you check out older posts and comment on them if you feel you have some constructive comments.

When we get enough people coming here regularly, we are looking at getting a forum up where we can have a more direct link to the hobby/gaming community.

Here's your chance...take that first step and become a friend of the blog over here=======>


Position Filled

We have our conceptual artist...now we are looking for a 3D sculptor.  If you're interested, your can email us HERE.



Looking For Concept Artist

We're looking for a concept artist to begin the design process of some new 28-30mm miniatures.  Must have good examples of your work ready to show.

Specifics will be covered once we hear from you.

Send your info HERE.

Self Aware!!

So it starts...