New Heads Previewed!!

Rifles and CDF heads are incoming, there have been a few delays due to some issues with the prints.  In the meantime, here's a preview of the 4 releases that will follow in the next wave:

These next 2 sets are the result of working with a Mad Robot customer.  In return for helping to cover the printing costs, I worked from his specific design concepts to make these heads a reality.  Other people interested in doing something similar can send an email to projects @ madrobotminiatures .com to request the specifics about how it works.

Cheers to all and here's to a happy and safe new year!



Christmas Update

Just a heads up for folks, the store will remain open through the holiday season.  While you can make purchases at any time, any made between 12/22 and 12/26 won't be processed until 12/27.

Also look for some new product announcements next week, as well.



PREVIEW - Tanker Heads

New rifles and heads set should hopefully be up for sale next weekend.

In the meantime here's a new preview of our classic tanker head set.  These will be part of the next wave of releases, due out in January:



New Stuff...

The Present

I just did a slight re-vamp of the blog and I thought I would take this opportunity to type a few sentences about what's brewing here in the lab.

The next wave of releases are currently at the printer and we are aiming for a December 1st release, if not sooner.  Earnest work has begun on the next wave of parts and we hope to be breaking into new territory with some torso releases, in addition to our ever-growing selection of heads and weapons.

The Future

For those of you that don't know, one of the long term goals here at Mad Robot is to have the option to select parts to build a complete figure.  That essentially means head, torso, arms, legs, and weapons.  To this end, my personal goal is to have 4 of those 5 essential parts for sale by the end of the year.  We will most certainly have heads, torsos, and weapons covered but the arms and legs will come along more slowly since the initial process takes time.  Once we get the first models completed, it becomes less time consuming to get new ones to market.

What Can You Do?

I love getting feedback from people, the best way to contribute is to find out where I'm at, and make suggestions...give feedback.  Where am I?  That is for you to find out :) Of course, you can always just send me an email ;)

That's it for now...



More Price Reductions

I'm happy to announce further price decreases, this time on shipping within the U.S.  It doesn't seem right to have someone pay $6 shipping on an item that costs $3.50.  So, effective today, we will be now be sending U.S. orders under 13oz. via 1st Class Mail.  All orders will still include delivery confirmation.

I'll be monitoring this to see how it works, hopefully it will help ease the hesitation on some people who only want to purchase an item or two.



Price Adjustments

I'm happy to announce new pricing on our Heroic head sets.  These new prices should give folks a better chance to enjoy what we're trying to here at Mad Robot.

New sets are coming soon!



Requesting Feedback & Input

As I prepare for some new releases, I thought I'd throw out a request for some feedback.

What kind of heads and bits are you looking for? I've got several, traditional, military-style things in the works but the possibilities range from modern, to near future, to "mass effect-style" space opera.

Same thing goes for weapons.

Like I said, I have some things already planned, but I am interested in specific ideas you guys may have.



New 28mm Heads Available

Our Goggled Heads and Beret Heads are now up for sale in the store

Check 'Em Out



Store Maintenance & Shipping Updates

In an effort to keep shipping rates as low as possible, we will be closing down the webstore tonight, 9/7/12 for some maintenance to our shipping calculators.  Things should be up and running after just a few hours.



New 28mm Release

Happy to announce the release of our latest 28mm offering.  I'm calling him Major Hammerfaust.  Use him as a commander for your favorite army or as a cool painting project.

Available HERE



New 28mm Projects

New stuff to preview...some heroic scaled models.

These should be ready soon, and there's quite a few more on the way! 

Let me know what you think.



New Greatcoats Pics

Some new pics to share of the Greatcoats...this time from Daniel in Switzerland.
Comparisons with some other minis. 
(The other figures are for demonstration of size/scale only)


Greatcoats Madness

In light of the recent release of the Sadoukadi Greatcoats, we've put together a little assembly tutorial.  We know metal models can be intimidating, but with a little hard work and preparation, they go together in no time!


MRM Releases Sadoukadi Greatcoats

Happy to announce our first release in 28mm Sci Fi...the Sadoukadi Greacoats!

More info about how to buy them can be found HERE


New HAROOK Releases

We are happy to announce the release of the second wave of releases for our 15mm aliens...The Harook.
3 new sets are being offered: 2 Plasma Gunners, 2 SAW Gunners and a pair of Snipers with a Targeting Drone. Each will be sold separately so Harook players and collectors can customize their forces as they wish.



Last Weekend for Greatcoats Pre-Orders

As we prepare for the official release of the Sadoukadi Greatcoats, we have decided to stop taking pre-orders after July 1st.  After that you will have to wait a week or so to purchase them and then it will be at the normal $30 price.  Get yours at the reduced price while you can!



More Greatcoats Previews

Here's another preview, this time a fully assembled squad...

Here's a body with some other heads to demonstrate scale, but not compatibility...

Release should be in the next week or so.



28mm Greatcoats Preview

While I wait for the painter to complete his work, I thought I would post an assembled figure to show what they look like.  All I've done to it is give it a light coat of primer.

Sorry it's only one mini but it's all I had left to assemble after sending out the painter's squad.  I expect to be "in-stock" on these within the next 2 weeks.

Feel free to leave feedback or constructive comments.



New 15mm WIP

Here is a shot of a new 15mm prototype...

New Cal Tex from GZG                    Mad Robot Prototype

Still working on the proportions but I'm almost there.




Here's a few quick WIP shots of a light flyer I'm working on for 15mm.  Still undecided about whether to keep the panels or not.  Feel free to leave feedback.



28mm Greatcoats NEW PRICING INFO

I'm very happy to announce that I messed up and over-estimated the production costs of our 28mm Greatcoat models!  The new price, upon release will be $30.  The pre-order price is $25.  We will be taking pre-orders right up to the day we receive the first production run, which will be sometime this month.


Update 5/24/12

Hey folks, another friendly update form the labs at Mad Robot:


-Just received the 2nd wave of Harook today!  Samples are off to the painters and they should be up for sale in the store in a couple weeks.

-Started design work on a 15mm version of our Sadoukai Greatcoats.  I'll post pictures here of WIP models as I get them.


Work on the Greatcoat production molds began this week, I expect the first metal to be spinning out of those by 2nd week of June.  We should have these up for sale before the 1st of July.

That's all for now!



28mm Greatcoats PRE ORDERS

We are now taking PRE-ORDERS on our first 28mm release...the Sadoukadi Greatcoats!

"Born of hard conflict and drawn out wars of attrition, the Greatcoats of Sadoukad-16 are the embodiment of the foot slogger. From frozen arctic wastelands, to burnt out cities, to sulfuric trench-laden fields of mud, the legions of great-coated warriors are able to adapt to a variety of battlefield environments. Drawing upon what some would call “antiquated” equipment, their strength lies in their vast numbers.


These 28mm multi-part figures are cast in white metal. Each pack contains enough parts to build 10 figures and includes the following:

  • 5 standard heads
  • 5 heads, goggles up
  • 5 heads goggles down
  • 10 torsos
  • 10 sets of arms, multiple poses
  • 10 sets of legs, multiple poses
  • Alternate squad leader arms
  • 2 extra weapons: Grenade Launcher & Flamethrower

Reduced pricing on all PRE ORDERS ! 
Release Date: mid-June.



Update 5/17/12

Here's an update of what's happening in the Mad Robot Lab...

  • Harook Specialists are ordered and being cast this week, they should be available for sale in June.
  • The next Harook release will probably be the Dropship.  The model is completed, it just needs to be printed and cast in resin.
  • The TMC should get some additional support this summer if all goes according to plan.
  • The Greatcoats are mastered and the production molds are being made this week.  We are shooting for a June release.  The follow-up for these will be a heavy weapons squad and should come together rather quick since a good portion of the base parts are already done.
  • Planning has begun on some civilian models, a total of about 10 figures, more to come.

That's about it for now.  Thanks for stopping by and if you have any feedback on our minis, please shoot us an email and let us know.



Housekeeping and a Preview!

Right, first off, my announcement about the message board was very premature and I don't really feel like putting the effort into maintaining something like that.  I'll leave it to folks to just contact me through email or on forums to offer feedback.  Maybe it will happen in the future...you never know.

In happier news, here are a few WIP shots of the Harook Grav Heavy Weapon Platforms I am working on.  The kit will include both guns and 2 crew members as well.  No definite date on this one but I hope to have it ready for casting by mid-summer.

The Harook Special Weapons are currently at the caster, as is our first 28mm Sci Fi offering. That's all for now.



New Message Board

We just launched a new message board to help the feedback process become more efficient.  This will be a test period to see how it all goes and I'll make the final decision as to whether or not we keep it in a few weeks.

EDIT - Already had some issues, board down until I find a better solution...sorry :(



Greatcoats: Preview Of Latest Prints

Here is a picture of all the prints we needed for casting.  I still need to go over these and make sure they are up to standards but it gives a complete picture of what we're dealing with.



Harook Dropship Preview

Below is a finalized render of the Harook Dropship.  We're shooting for a spring release on this.  Hopefully this will really drive home how serious Mad Robt is about making the Harook a full-featured, complete line.  This beauty was modeled by a talented artist named Joy Horvath.  You will see more from her...I promise.

Feel free to let me know what you think.



New Greens for the Harook!!

We’re happy to share a preview of the latest 15mm release from Mad Robot Miniatures! This is the next wave of releases for the Harook, the enigmatic avian aliens we have all come to love. 

They will be sold as pairs, 2 plasma Gunners, 2 SAW Gunners with shoulder mounted launchers, and 2 Snipers with Targeting Drone.

These detailed sculpts were done by the un-official father of the Harook...Pedro Navaro

We anticipate these to be released in late April. Thanks to all who have supported Mad Robot! Look for some more new release announcements in the next month.


28mm Greatcoats Progress

Received the first of what should be the final 3D prints on the Greatcoats today!  There are adjustments to be made on the weapons to make them a little beefier but the final masters should be in hand in another week or 2 and then it's off to the casters!



TMC Auslanders

So, last time I shared a little preview of a new project that has been bubbling in the old noggin.  It takes a note from the comic Alien Legion but goes in a little bit darker direction.  The word Auslander is Germanic in origin and roughly translates into "out lander" or "alien".

The Tachyon Mercenary Corps sees the diverse mix of alien races in the galaxy as a fertile breeding ground for specialist troops.  Ever determined to gain any tactical edge possible, the TMC employ Auslander units as exotic use troops, capable of being deployed in almost any situation.  The bonus for the TMC is that Auslanders are equally at home on the front line of a standard conflict.

Rumor has it that some commanders believe the Auslander unit should be the building block for a stand alone force.  To this day it is still speculation, but it may speak to why the TMC only deploys limited numbers of these units in any given theatre.

This new range idea will provide me some fun in developing new alien races, something I am very keen to do.  These will be released in 15mm, release date is TBD.  It will be a while until I get these where I want them.

I'm posting these here so I can get feedback from people.  If you have ideas or suggestions about any of these concepts I post, please email them to me or leave a comment here on this blog.  The following are 2 concepts I have so far...they are still WIP.



Top Secret Data File Decoded!

From "Tactical Methods, vol. 4" of the (designation classified) Martial Strategies...

"The very nature of the (designation classified) allows it to draw upon an almost infinite number of possible races to fill its ranks.  One of the more exotic approaches the (designation classified) currently fields is known as the Auslander Unit.  The commanders of these units are given free reign to choose the mix of races that will best allow him to accomplish the mission at hand.  Some have questioned the logic of such an idea, given the infighting that may result, but the (designation classified) sticks by this method as a way of combining specialists into a manageable, tactical unit."

An artists rendering of an Auslander trooper:


Mad Robot Announces Customer Gallery

Hey folks!  I'm putting together a gallery to show off all the awesome paint jobs that people are applying to Mad Robot figures.  If you have some you'd like to share please send them to projects@madrobotminiatures.com.

A few guidelines:
  • PLEASE...pictures of Mad Robot figures...nothing else
  • Include your first and last name or an appropriate "handle"
  • Send no more than 6 pictures, make them clear as possible
  • Keep the file size to under 500K for now
As soon as I start receiving some pictures, I'll get the gallery posted for the world to see.

IMPORTANT:  If no name is included, I will not post them.



February Update

28mm News

Just a quick note to update the progress of our 28mm Greatcoats. The final test print is off to the printers and I hope to have it in hand by the end of this week. I'll post pictures as soon as I have them. Assuming that everything looks good, we'll print up the remaining pieces and they'll be off to the casters no later than the 22nd of February. It's speculation from there but I would hope to have our first batch of figures ready to sell by mid-March. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes well.

15mm News

  • As work continues on the 2nd wave of Harook minis, designs for a dropship are now in the works as well.
  • The design phase has begun for some heavier additions to the TMC, more on that to come.
  • I've been considering a new alien race to add some more spice to the 15mm Sci-Fi world.

That's it for now.  Thanks for sticking with us, we have a lot more to share with you guys..please stay tuned.



One Less Robot...

As of today, Mad Robot Miniatures and Eli Arndt have officially parted ways. The split will allow Eli to more freely pursue his creative endeavors.

I wish him the best of luck in all that he undertakes.



Harook Second Wave - Update

Just a quick update to say that the next wave of Harook are being worked on right now. Mr. Bug Man himself, Pedro Navaro, has just finished relocating to the U.K. so we are hoping for some greens by the end of February. If that happens look for a late March release.

Thanks for your continued support of Mad Robot Miniatures and, as usual, if you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know.