New Heads Previewed!!

Rifles and CDF heads are incoming, there have been a few delays due to some issues with the prints.  In the meantime, here's a preview of the 4 releases that will follow in the next wave:

These next 2 sets are the result of working with a Mad Robot customer.  In return for helping to cover the printing costs, I worked from his specific design concepts to make these heads a reality.  Other people interested in doing something similar can send an email to projects @ madrobotminiatures .com to request the specifics about how it works.

Cheers to all and here's to a happy and safe new year!



Christmas Update

Just a heads up for folks, the store will remain open through the holiday season.  While you can make purchases at any time, any made between 12/22 and 12/26 won't be processed until 12/27.

Also look for some new product announcements next week, as well.



PREVIEW - Tanker Heads

New rifles and heads set should hopefully be up for sale next weekend.

In the meantime here's a new preview of our classic tanker head set.  These will be part of the next wave of releases, due out in January: