Housekeeping and a Preview!

Right, first off, my announcement about the message board was very premature and I don't really feel like putting the effort into maintaining something like that.  I'll leave it to folks to just contact me through email or on forums to offer feedback.  Maybe it will happen in the future...you never know.

In happier news, here are a few WIP shots of the Harook Grav Heavy Weapon Platforms I am working on.  The kit will include both guns and 2 crew members as well.  No definite date on this one but I hope to have it ready for casting by mid-summer.

The Harook Special Weapons are currently at the caster, as is our first 28mm Sci Fi offering. That's all for now.



New Message Board

We just launched a new message board to help the feedback process become more efficient.  This will be a test period to see how it all goes and I'll make the final decision as to whether or not we keep it in a few weeks.

EDIT - Already had some issues, board down until I find a better solution...sorry :(