Last Weekend for Greatcoats Pre-Orders

As we prepare for the official release of the Sadoukadi Greatcoats, we have decided to stop taking pre-orders after July 1st.  After that you will have to wait a week or so to purchase them and then it will be at the normal $30 price.  Get yours at the reduced price while you can!



More Greatcoats Previews

Here's another preview, this time a fully assembled squad...

Here's a body with some other heads to demonstrate scale, but not compatibility...

Release should be in the next week or so.



28mm Greatcoats Preview

While I wait for the painter to complete his work, I thought I would post an assembled figure to show what they look like.  All I've done to it is give it a light coat of primer.

Sorry it's only one mini but it's all I had left to assemble after sending out the painter's squad.  I expect to be "in-stock" on these within the next 2 weeks.

Feel free to leave feedback or constructive comments.



New 15mm WIP

Here is a shot of a new 15mm prototype...

New Cal Tex from GZG                    Mad Robot Prototype

Still working on the proportions but I'm almost there.




Here's a few quick WIP shots of a light flyer I'm working on for 15mm.  Still undecided about whether to keep the panels or not.  Feel free to leave feedback.



28mm Greatcoats NEW PRICING INFO

I'm very happy to announce that I messed up and over-estimated the production costs of our 28mm Greatcoat models!  The new price, upon release will be $30.  The pre-order price is $25.  We will be taking pre-orders right up to the day we receive the first production run, which will be sometime this month.