What About Us?

Steve Stodden a.k.a. "The Mad Robot"

I've been an avid gamer and hobbyist for about 20 years.  My favorite hobby & pastime is to turn on the Chicago White Sox (no haters please) while I perform all kinds of complex surgeries on my "28mm Sci-Fi" army.  In the midst of my converting obsession, I came to realize that many "28mm Sci-Fi" hobbyists find themselves looking for certain arms, torsos, or heads that just aren't available.  That's were the idea for Mad Robot Miniatures has its origin.  I now carry on that tradition by thinking of new figures to create and new ways to create them.  

Friends of the Robot
Below is a list of individuals, companies, and websites that help Mad Robot Miniatures bring our ideas into reality.  Be it artists, mold makers, or digital whiz-kids, they are all important to what we do here and I hope you'll check them out.  Click on the names to check out more info.

Fortress Figures: Jeff Rodman and company are top of the line mold makers and casters.  They are responsible for all of our 15mm metal figures and some 28mm things as well.

VisionProto: Paul and company produce the highest quality, highest detailed 3D prints I've ever seen.  We use them on all of our digital projects.

Pierre-Marc Mazerolle
: PMaz is a talented concept artist & illustrator.  He is an invaluable part of the creative process here at MRM.

Lightbeam3D: Scott and company produce high quality 3D prints.  Excellent service.

Moddler:  Jon at Moddler.com is well known amongst many miniature companies.  His service is second to none.

Pedro Navaro:  One of most talented sculptors we've had the privilege of working with.

Leandro Ventic: Top notch sculptor that is reliable and efficient.