More Greatcoat Sgt Poses

Da Masta Cheef has asked for a better Sgt. pose...how are these?  What about hats?

Also, here's a snap of the six poses I have so far.  These will be combined, with a few doubles and a Sgt., to comprise a squad of 10.  Anything stand out as better or worse?  Keep a few things in mind...I put pistols in the hands so you can see the pose better, also I haven't finalized all the "coat work" until I know I have some poses I will definitely keep.

So, here you go...your chance to make your voice count...comments welcome.



  1. I'm personally a fan of helmets rather than hats, but options are always good too. I do rather like these poses more than the original. They strike me as more lifelike/fluid.