GC Update, 15mm Stuff & Forum Changes

So I removed the stuff from the forum that just isn't necessary at this point.  From now on we will be focusing on the minis and just the minis.  Also, all of our concept areas are now available to be viewed by guests.  You still have to register to post comments, which I strongly encourage you to do :)

I heard from Chris at Ravenstar Studios and detailing has begun on our 30mm greatcoats.  I am still confident that I'll have some pre-order info in a few weeks.  Stay tuned...

I also decided this week to start concepts for a few 15mm releases.  Check out more about that in the new 15mm section of the forum.  I'll be looking into a sculptor and possibly doing these in metal, which means finding a casting service to handle that.

Hopefully by now people who check this blog out know how much I value feedback from end users.  I got some great responses from people over the weekend and Mad Robot will be starting work on a new alien race line for 15mm.  If the demand is there, maybe for 28mm as well.  I won't reveal much more at this point, other than to say "keep your beak to the grindstone..."


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