30mm Greatcoats Special Character

With the greatcoats coming to completion, I thought I'd take a moment to reveal a related project.  This is a special character for the Greatcoats, his name is Major Hammerfaust...

The idea behind these special characters is simple, release something with some personality.  I also hope these will serve as a way for us to reach out to the painters in the world and give them something cool to work with.

The Major will be cast in resin.



  1. The broken sunglasses are a nice touch!

  2. I like it Robot!!! Im interested in getting one. You know how to reach me!!

  3. Great figure, nice pose. I'm looking forward to how this 3D sculpt will translate into the final product, especially the face details.

  4. I definitely want to keep this sculpt as detailed as possible, Whether it's 3D printing or traditional sculpting, my goal is to make it look as close as possible to the design.