New 15mm Line Announcement

Mad Robot miniatures is happy to announce our latest 15mm offering...TMC Jump Troops.

Tachyon Mercenary Corps

Based on the planet Tachyon-12 in the Selous system, the TMC wages war for the highest bidder. By investing their huge war-time profits into the latest technology, they storm the battlefield with a precision that has earned them their reputation as one of the galaxy's elite fighting units. TMC Recruiting Officers are free to choose their units from the thousands of worlds surrounding the Selous system, giving them the ultimate in flexibility, based upon their combat mission.

Jump Troops are used by aggressive TMC commanders as a fast-attack element. Their ability to move quickly and hit hard makes them a feared weapon in the TMC arsenal. The scream of their jump jets is the last thing their adversaries hear as they descend from the skies, delivering white-hot death.

These figures are currently in production and we will have another announcement about the release date and pricing in the next few weeks.


  1. I'll be standing patiently outside the store, waiting for the door to open. :)

  2. Yeah these are great, I'm up for some.

  3. Very very nice. Man, I'm so glad that 15s came back!