New Greatcoat 3D Prints Arrive!!

Ok guys, as promised, here's some pictures of the 3D print I received a few days ago.  I've taken the liberty of standing it next to some other fairly common figures for the sake of comparison.  I think some of the shortcomings are more obvious than others but feel free to offer up whatever feedback you may have. 

First up is a shot of the individual pieces...

Next up is a group shot of various figures for comparison...

Finally we have a tighter shot of some standard troopers...

Thanks for checking this out and offering up your ideas and suggestions.  A happy and safe new years to all!



  1. That chest armor, is it supposed to be one piece or is it a flexible vest with padding on it? If the pads are supposed to be separate parts then they need their edges defined more, now they seem to melt into the rest of the armor, but that may be the desired look...?

  2. The armor is a chest plate with additional secondary plating on top, held in with the rivets.

  3. Where do you have your resin kits made?


  4. Nice work.... looks like some new regulars for my space soviets.

    They seem a bit tall, eye height with the Kriegs would be perfect, their boots seem too big. The troopers head seems small, Patchys head is perfect though. The chest plate seems a little busy, maybe too many rivets I am not sure? The troopers coat hugs his legs in a strange way, the fabric looks wet/weird. Patchys coat is perfect.

    The weapon looks great, but does it have a magazine clip? I hope it does. Magazine clips add so much to a guns style.

    Great work so far.

  5. All good points, and things have changed a bit since this picture. This was a print to determine size issues so the height will be addressed and the rifle has already been redesigned.