Harook Dropship Preview

Below is a finalized render of the Harook Dropship.  We're shooting for a spring release on this.  Hopefully this will really drive home how serious Mad Robt is about making the Harook a full-featured, complete line.  This beauty was modeled by a talented artist named Joy Horvath.  You will see more from her...I promise.

Feel free to let me know what you think.



  1. Very nice concept and it fits the Harook's really well. Good job.

  2. I like it! This doesn't look anything like the "helicopters of the future" dropships we see for human ranges. It's clearly an alien design, and it matches the Harook's technology level.

  3. I want one (or two). What is the grid scale and will there be any weapon variations?

  4. The figure shown in the render is 23mm tall, about average height for a Harook male. A rough length of the ship, from tip to tail, is about 8.5 inches. No plans for weapon variants but it will be cast in resin so there might be options down the line. However they would require cutting off the main gun. If they sell decently. I will definitely look into that. In the meantime, people can get creative, I'm sure.