28mm Greatcoats PRE ORDERS

We are now taking PRE-ORDERS on our first 28mm release...the Sadoukadi Greatcoats!

"Born of hard conflict and drawn out wars of attrition, the Greatcoats of Sadoukad-16 are the embodiment of the foot slogger. From frozen arctic wastelands, to burnt out cities, to sulfuric trench-laden fields of mud, the legions of great-coated warriors are able to adapt to a variety of battlefield environments. Drawing upon what some would call “antiquated” equipment, their strength lies in their vast numbers.


These 28mm multi-part figures are cast in white metal. Each pack contains enough parts to build 10 figures and includes the following:

  • 5 standard heads
  • 5 heads, goggles up
  • 5 heads goggles down
  • 10 torsos
  • 10 sets of arms, multiple poses
  • 10 sets of legs, multiple poses
  • Alternate squad leader arms
  • 2 extra weapons: Grenade Launcher & Flamethrower

Reduced pricing on all PRE ORDERS ! 
Release Date: mid-June.



  1. Wow! Those looks really nice.

    I am glad you went with metal on these.


  2. Thanks, Eli. Resin is nice, but for larger kits like this it just takes too long to produce them at a reasonable rate. In the time it takes one set of resin to cure, I could have 30 sets in metal completed and ready to go.

  3. Looking real good

    Wish the best luck with them!