28mm Greatcoats Preview

While I wait for the painter to complete his work, I thought I would post an assembled figure to show what they look like.  All I've done to it is give it a light coat of primer.

Sorry it's only one mini but it's all I had left to assemble after sending out the painter's squad.  I expect to be "in-stock" on these within the next 2 weeks.

Feel free to leave feedback or constructive comments.



  1. Are those going to be in resin or plastic? I am still very intrigued about 15 MM gaming, but it seems most ranges out there are using lead still and with small kids to worry about I have had to forgo really any metal minis (as even most "white metal" has trace amounts of lead in it). So when I see any resin or plastic 15 MM figures and/or ranges my interest gets piqued!

  2. These 28mm Greatcoats will be cast in white metal, as will the 15mm Greatcoats, when they are released. Plastic is too expensive for a small company like Mad Robot and 15mm figures in resin are a little problematic.

    All of our white metal figures are 100% lead-free. We use Fortress Figures to do our casting and they use a mixture of 96% tin, 2% antimony and 2% zinc.

    Thanks for your question!