Requesting Feedback & Input

As I prepare for some new releases, I thought I'd throw out a request for some feedback.

What kind of heads and bits are you looking for? I've got several, traditional, military-style things in the works but the possibilities range from modern, to near future, to "mass effect-style" space opera.

Same thing goes for weapons.

Like I said, I have some things already planned, but I am interested in specific ideas you guys may have.



  1. Long time listener, first time caller looking for First World War pilots. 8)

  2. Some interesting 15mm 'helmets/visors' type head swaps,(sci-fi) and non-helmet versions with bandanas, dodgy hairstyles etc........

  3. Absolutely loving the Major model (especially the look on his face), and those beret heads too! So it would be nice to have some more head swaps for 28mm in the same style, to give some variety to those sergeants and heroes :) For example bare heads, hairstyles was mentioned above, shouting, googles/sunglasses, maybe having that mask like regular greatcoats but without the helmet.