Greatcoats: Preview Of Latest Prints

Here is a picture of all the prints we needed for casting.  I still need to go over these and make sure they are up to standards but it gives a complete picture of what we're dealing with.



Harook Dropship Preview

Below is a finalized render of the Harook Dropship.  We're shooting for a spring release on this.  Hopefully this will really drive home how serious Mad Robt is about making the Harook a full-featured, complete line.  This beauty was modeled by a talented artist named Joy Horvath.  You will see more from her...I promise.

Feel free to let me know what you think.



New Greens for the Harook!!

We’re happy to share a preview of the latest 15mm release from Mad Robot Miniatures! This is the next wave of releases for the Harook, the enigmatic avian aliens we have all come to love. 

They will be sold as pairs, 2 plasma Gunners, 2 SAW Gunners with shoulder mounted launchers, and 2 Snipers with Targeting Drone.

These detailed sculpts were done by the un-official father of the Harook...Pedro Navaro

We anticipate these to be released in late April. Thanks to all who have supported Mad Robot! Look for some more new release announcements in the next month.