2/23 New Head Releases!!

Happy to announce the release of our 2 latest head sets...

They are available for purchase HERE.



  1. I had to get a set of the Personalities! I keep up to date with your new releases reading through your thread on the Imperial Guard message board, and I've been meaning to pick up some stuff from you for a while. I've just been waiting for enough sets to justify the postage to the UK. I have a WW2 Paratrooper themed Imperial guard army (So beret heads are a must too!) and the idea of having all these action movie heroes in my army is too good to miss! I'll post some pics on IGMB of my efforts once I receive the heads. I'm already excited about who'll be in personalities set 2!

  2. Awesome! I look forward to seeing what you will do with them. If you're on Facebook, that's a good way to get the latest previews and give me your opinion.