Extended Absence

Well folks, I've been completely caught up in running Mad Robot and I have lost track of the blog.  I am most apologetic for this, as I intended to use this space to keep people up to date on both the webstore and some other things.

Our latest Roll Call for the DaNamian Jungle Fighters is going quite well and prints are arriving this week so we can begin the molding process.  I am hoping to get the first preorders out in a few weeks.

There will be a few other releases in April, just before the official release of the DaNamians.  Those releases will feature a new rifle, based on the popular SLR or FN FAL concept.  The other new stuff centers around our Colonial Defense Forces line and will aim towards making that line a more complete option for gamers.

Lastly, I will be going to Adepticon this year but I will not be represented at a table or booth.  I will be walking the floor with my good friend Jon Paulson from Paulson Games.  I will passing out some free samples of the new DaNamian parts to folks as I meet them.  Make sure to find me if you are there on Saturday, the 5th. 

If you can't find me, just call out "I'm looking for the Mad Robot!"  If I hear you and find you, you'll get some free bits.

Till next time,


  1. You have a webstore to maintain, don't worry to greatly about updating the blog.

    Good to hear what you're up to anyway, and good luck filling the final Pre-orders.

    I personally won't be going to Adepticon, but I hope you have a good time nonetheless ;)