Poll 3: Upcoming Ideas

The first items we tackle will be centered around the legendary "greatcoats".  I assume most of you know what that is all about.

What do you want to see thrown into the queue next?

If you choose "Something Else", please be sure to leave a comment below.


  1. There's big hole in the forge world line0up in that there are no tallarn troops.

    so.. shemaugh heads.. "desert" fighters.. WW2 LRDG stye

    just fyi ;)

  2. You're a mind reader! I have been toying with an "8th Army meets Lawrence of Arabia" theme. The shemaugh heads present an issue from a production standpoint because they usually come down over the neck and shoulders a bit. The only thing I been able to come up with so far is a torso and head as one piece but that would take the poseability out of it.

  3. Heads. People love heads. (From own desires and anecdotal evidence, I don't know sales results from other mfg) A variety of head types and options, especially things not easily covered elsewhere (gasmasks are awesome, but for the most part are pretty well covered for now I think), then go deeper into a range. I think people would be more likely to start into a range if the assurance is there that more are coming, instead of just having a squad each of five different ranges.

  4. You've hit the point there. Heads are good to start with because we can get them made and cast quicker than an entire figure. Then we can go back and flesh out the concepts from there. Hmmm...not bad :)