Poll 2: Torsos & Legs

There are obvious advantages to having the torsos separate from the legs when assembling your minis.  However a one piece body allows for some very dynamic sculpts/poses.

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  1. Really depends. For rank and file type figures, generally separate allows for more fun. For specific poses and one-off type figures, one piece makes it easier. To use GW examples, I like the separate torsos/legs (and other parts) for Cadians, Space Marines, etc. but doing figures like Commissar Yarrick, Steel Legion troopers, or the Vanguard Veterans as separate (they aren't, right?) would be a pain.

  2. The big advantage of a figure being one piece is that the poses can be much more dynamic, just like the examples you gave. The drawback to such a process is that they are usually made of metal, so it costs more to produce.