Seeking Opinions - Give Us Your Input!

Look at this picture and please give your opinion about the figure in the middle.

Polling is closed.  Our thanks to all those who participated!
If you like, you can still leave comments below.


  1. I voted, but just to clarify: for me the head could be bigger, but just a little, very little - so little in fact that the suggestion could be understood as 'no need to make a change', especially if the change would be as time-consuming as I think it would be. And none of that takes away from the fact it's an amazing miniature, outstanding. They all are.

  2. It's nice, to bad it isn't in 15mm....

  3. It looks great as is, however if you intend it as a GW alternative scaled model the head probably needs to be a little bigger.

  4. Heads are fine. Just because GW makes all of their figures hydrocephalic doesn't mean you have to.