3D Prints: The Good and the Bad

I've found what I believe to be the best 3D printing service out there for small scale models.  The company is called Lightbeam3D and their work is undeniably the most detailed and finished I have ever seen.

Here's the latest test print of Major Hammerfaust:

You can't see all the details but no worries, it's the wrong height so I have to re-print it.  This is a very detail oriented process but I promise all of you, it will be worth the time it's taking to get it right.

The other cool thing I discovered is...

I can start planning prints for our 15mm lines...



  1. Looking really good!

    What about the graininess and/or layering you can sometimes see in 3D printing?

  2. No layering that they can really detect. Obviously some details like rivets won't reproduce correctly so some re working will be necessary. This was just a test to see what happened.