TMC Auslanders

So, last time I shared a little preview of a new project that has been bubbling in the old noggin.  It takes a note from the comic Alien Legion but goes in a little bit darker direction.  The word Auslander is Germanic in origin and roughly translates into "out lander" or "alien".

The Tachyon Mercenary Corps sees the diverse mix of alien races in the galaxy as a fertile breeding ground for specialist troops.  Ever determined to gain any tactical edge possible, the TMC employ Auslander units as exotic use troops, capable of being deployed in almost any situation.  The bonus for the TMC is that Auslanders are equally at home on the front line of a standard conflict.

Rumor has it that some commanders believe the Auslander unit should be the building block for a stand alone force.  To this day it is still speculation, but it may speak to why the TMC only deploys limited numbers of these units in any given theatre.

This new range idea will provide me some fun in developing new alien races, something I am very keen to do.  These will be released in 15mm, release date is TBD.  It will be a while until I get these where I want them.

I'm posting these here so I can get feedback from people.  If you have ideas or suggestions about any of these concepts I post, please email them to me or leave a comment here on this blog.  The following are 2 concepts I have so far...they are still WIP.



  1. I'm not a big fan of the four-armed fellow... this concept is simply too alien for me I guess :)

    As for the "beast marine": I like this, but the body should be bulked out a lot more: more muscle, broader shoulders, etc. It's really something refreshing to see in this genre!

  2. I'm the total opposite of the other poster. I love the 4armed guy & really dislike the beastman in space.