Top Secret Data File Decoded!

From "Tactical Methods, vol. 4" of the (designation classified) Martial Strategies...

"The very nature of the (designation classified) allows it to draw upon an almost infinite number of possible races to fill its ranks.  One of the more exotic approaches the (designation classified) currently fields is known as the Auslander Unit.  The commanders of these units are given free reign to choose the mix of races that will best allow him to accomplish the mission at hand.  Some have questioned the logic of such an idea, given the infighting that may result, but the (designation classified) sticks by this method as a way of combining specialists into a manageable, tactical unit."

An artists rendering of an Auslander trooper:


  1. For now the plan is 15mm only but these are 3D models so scaling up would be easy enough. Depends on the demand for them. I'll be sharing more models in the next week or so.

  2. Thanks! I guess I should read the labels of the posts more properly ;)

    They look very interesting and unique, might pick up some as Alien Mercenaries. Love the idea of mixed teams of specialists!