Pose Prefererences

My question for everyone today is...What kind of poses do you want in your basic troopers?  Do you like the idea of a set of "advancing" and one for "Firing"?  Do you like things mixed up?  What about other dynamic poses?

I'm interested what people have to say about this.

Please comment below and make your opinion count!


  1. Mixed is fine by me. I think it's cool to have a full squad of advancing or a full squad of firing positions but that would be something I would buy later , after I decide if I like the line overall.

  2. If you do a 50/50 mix in a given set then all the purchaser needs to do is buy two sets and they will have an "advancing" and a "firing" set...and they have bought two sets :)

  3. @Blackhand: Point taken but the numbers don't balance out that great. I have to try and balance cost effectiveness with selection. It's easier and cheaper to produce a sprue of 5 leg poses than 10, the plan being to include 2 5-leg sprues with each 10-man squad. Having to double the amount of poses means increased design costs.

    However, feedback like yours is what I want to drive this little endeavour. I'll have to consider this...thanks!

  4. Not really useful for gaming purposes, but some figures "at ease", like the Forgeworld Krieg soldiers are very nice to use in a diorama.