Greatcoats Pose Previews

So here we have a preview of some poses being worked on.  There are 3 "advancing" poses and 3 "firing" poses.  The plan at this point will be to offer 5 of each in a final set(tip of the hat to Blackhand).  There are still of some refinements to be done but feel free to give feedback.  The blurry parts are just low-renders to show the position of the pieces.  PLEASE, leave feedback and comments...they do matter.


  1. Nice, my only concern is the helmets looking a bit to snug but that may be an effect of not seeing the face on them.

  2. To your point, the torsos in this picture are rendered at a very low resolution. The final product will have much more detail and the "neck" area is much more defined.

  3. The left arm which is to be holding the rifle seems a bit tight to the chest. Usually when holding a rifle this arm is a bit more outstretched than tucked in. In reality the right elbow should also be pointing downward, shooting with the elbow out is an older fashion which is less stable and not really used anymore.
    The leg set on the leftmost figure also feels a bit anatomically off to me. It could be an effect of the trench coat hiding the actual positioning of the legs though. Overall the look is good.
    Hope you find these helpful.

  4. Agreed...His elbo should be tucked in and tight..not open wide like that.Check you tube for tactical shooting drills and notice the stance.