Introductions: Me

My name is Steve Stodden, a.k.a. the "Mad Scientist", and I've been an avid gamer and hobbyist for about 7 years.  My favorite hobby & pastime is to turn on the Chicago White Sox(no haters, please) while I perform all kinds of complex surgeries on my "28mm Sci-Fi" army.  In the midst of my converting obsession, I came to realize that many "28mm Sci-Fi" hobbyists find themselves looking for certain arms, torsos, or heads that just aren't available.  That's were the idea for Mad Robot Miniatures has its origin.

My goal is to produce small upgrades and complete figures that will give gamers/hobbyists some options that they never had before.  As this venture grows, so will it's scope.  I want to offer up alternatives for players of all miniatures games.  The biggest thing a gamer or hobbyist can do to help in this process is make some suggestions.  What do you think would be a cool idea?  What line of figures would you like to see that isn't available?  I can't guarantee that every idea will be turned into a finalized product.  But every idea will be considered, at the very least

I'll even go one farther and make this promise to you.  If you make a suggestion for something new that we decide is worth pursuing, I'll give you a bunch of the final minis...FREE.  I'll fill in the details & restrictions once the ideas start to come in.  Again...no promises, but this is your chance to make your opinion count.

I look forward to hearing from you.



  1. You mentioned games other than 40K... maybe you should continue with that idea. I mean, there are already plenty of manufacturers out there with after-market parts for Space Marines to give an example (Chapterhouse Studios, Scibor, ...). What about games like Warmachine, Infinity, ...

    Good luck with your ventures. I still don't get the complete picture of what Mad Robot Miniatures is meant to be but I guess that's okay at this point, it's all in your head right? :) Anyway new projects like yours are always very exciting!

    If you need help or advice of any kind then do not hesitate to get in touch. Take care!

    Gerrie aka Corvus

  2. Thanks Corvus! You said it yourself...we are making aftermarket parts and alternative figures for gamers. There, you see? You do get it! Thanks again.

  3. When do you plan to start releasing stuff?

  4. I'm working with the sculptor right now and I'm hoping to have the master sculpts ready for molding in the next 7-10 days. From there it will be another 2-4 weeks. That's a rough timeline, I don't intend to rush anything.