Greatcoats Rough Design

Below is a sample for a test print we'll be doing.  This is still is the working stages but I felt it prudent to let you guys see it and maybe get some feedback.  So here's your chance...what do you think?


  1. Here's my feedback:
    - the weapon needs some more detailing, the sides are too plain, maybe add a grill or something?
    - the left hand doesn't look like it's holding the weapon very firmly. in fact it looks like the index finger is the only finger touching the rifle.
    - looks like the rifle isn't positioned against the figure's shoulder, but rather against his upper arm.

    Besides those small things I think this is a very good looking model. Sometimes I see 3D sculpts which are overly detailed, resulting in a print with blunt stumps sticking out. I think this model has the right looks to be printed... not too detailed.
    The mask is very nice.

    Keep us updated!


  2. Corvus - The weapon was a "dummy" put in there for the purposes of the initial pose. Al the points you bring up are correct, right now our concern is the overall proportion of the sculpt.